Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ever just have one of 'those' days?

*SIGH*  I seem to have them ALL.THE.TIME!

My mindset these days is definitely 'the glass is half empty' kind of mentality.  It sucks, no seriously, that kind of attitude sucks big time.

I just don't know how to change my thinking.  Honestly, I seem to let every day be 'one of those days' and get all frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed/down.

After a very long night with my little 'Sweet Pea' (who I was not calling sweet last night) I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (sandwiched between the loudest snorer EVER and my little demon sweet pea.)  It was a long and painful night (literally stuck for 5 hours in one position so as not to wake said child or husband.)

I started in a grumpy mood and it hasn't really improved from there.  When my mood and my attitude suck, my eating completely goes out the window.  My resolve, my strength, my resistance, all become NON-EXISTENT.

But today, right now, I'm trying to change that.  When I normally am very weak and can self-talk my way out of anything, I've done my best to stay strong.  My eating hasn't been *perfect* today, but it's been much better than it could've been, had I given into my 'bad attitude.'

I resisted the extra coffees I desperately wanted (needed?) and instead chose a Hot Chocolate (not the best choice, as it was still high in calories, but at least it wasn't more coffee...sticking to my one coffee per day.)

I also desperately wanted a Smoked Salmon Wrap for lunch and instead opted for a Salad, but added Chicken (to make it a little more substantial.)

And when my *3:00 snacky, break time* came around, when again, I desperately wanted a coffee and something sweet, instead I had a small yogurt and followed it up with a Miso Soup.

So...all in all, my day today has been pretty good and I've managed to avoid temptation.  The true test of my will will come tonight, after the kids are in bed and I'm winding down from a long day.  The lunches will be made, laundry will be cycling through and I will start to get the munchies and get peckish (boredom...of course.)

Tonight, I have armed myself with English Muffins and Sugar Free Jam, Smart Pop Popcorn and Yogurt...hopefully one of those appeals to me.

*SIGH* when will this get easier? 

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  1. You're doing great! Look at your choices today, I think you did very well. Change doesn't happen overnight, make sure you give yourself credit for the changes you have made thus far. Wow, I should really take my own advice sometimes!!